2020 Fusion Team Update: Project Members

Robert Stein
by Robert Stein 1 year ago 1 min read

With the recent release of Fusion Team you will notice an exciting change that will make it easier to manage members in your projects. We have moved the project members from the project details flyout into a tab on the project content page. This provides easier access to this information and doesn’t impact any previous behavior of project members.


In the image below you see where project members were located in the Project Details flyout.



Fusion Team projects



With this change you now see a Project Members tab when selected on the Project. In the tab title you will also see the number of project members in this project. From this tabbed view you can manage your members by inviting new members, removing project members, or changing the members role to this project.


Fusion Team


The Project Details flyout has also been updated to reflect these changes and now provides a button that will activate the project members tab.


Fusion Team


Thanks and we hope you like the change.




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