Fusion 360 Is Sponsoring the BASF Forward AM Innovation Award

Pooria Sohi Pooria Sohi February 8, 2021

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Additive manufacturing technology has evolved in a really incredible way over the past 10 years. The things we can now materialize into physical objects are nearly limitless, but the application of this tech in manufacturing is still relatively limited.

To support startups who are applying additive manufacturing to their process, Fusion 360 is sponsoring the Forward AM Innovation Award hosted by BASF.  

BASF is a leading innovator in the additive industry, producing a number of standards for materials and pushing the material science of additive manufacturing forward.  

The Forward AM Innovation Award is looking for startups who use additive manufacturing as an application. What does that mean? If a final part of your product uses 3D printing for manufacturing, you should apply. 

Who is the BASF Forward AM Innovation Award for?

The AM innovation award is designed to help additive startups accelerate their journey to market. BASF and Autodesk are looking for companies working on additive application ideas that are less than 5 years old and ideally have less than 50 employees. Education spin-offs and medium-size companies with dedicated additive departments are also welcomed!  

What do I get?

Successful applicants will receive a full commercial seat of Fusion 360 for the entire duration of the competition. That means generative design, cloud computing, and free access to all extensions, for the entire competition. But that’s just icing on the cake! Winners of the BASF innovation award will also receive:  

Goods and Services means you can pick up to 80K of stuff from any and all sponsors. That’s a lot of Autodesk software (we’re just saying).  

What do I have to do?

All you have to do to participate is apply. Successful applicants will make it into the first round, where you can work with mentors and develop your idea further to help you win those sweet sweet prizes.

 Applications are open until March 28, 2021. If your startup is already working on a project that features additive manufacturing, or if you have an idea you wan to pursue, you still have time to flesh it out before submitting your application.

Interested? Apply here.

And, as always, if you need an integrated CAD/CAM software to help you soar through the competition, Fusion 360 has your back.


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