February 2022 Product Update – What’s New

Keqing Song Keqing Song February 7, 2022

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New Component View in Fusion Team

In December of 2021 we told you about the Component View preview being available to try for those of you using Fusion Team. We’re excited to say that the functionality has graduated out of preview and is now available for all Fusion Team users.

Have you ever looked at an assembly in Fusion Team to find that it doesn’t “Use” any parts because it is made up of internal components?   Have you ever wished you could look inside an assembly to see its internal components without having to open the entire file?  If this sounds familiar, be sure to check out Component View – a view created to show you granular information about your design data outside the Fusion 360 canvas. 

Instead of referencing external parts to build an assembly, Fusion 360 encourages users to model all components inside a single file.  A component created within an assembly is called an internal component.  Although internal components are quick and easy to make, they are not accessible outside their parent assembly file.  Historically, there has been no way to access internal components, assembly structure, and metadata without opening the entire parent assembly file in Fusion 360… until Component View! 

What is Component View and Why Would I Use It? 

Component View is a tabular view that shows an assembly’s hierarchy, complete with all sub-assemblies and parts, nested in hierarchical order with a corresponding thumbnail image so you understand what you’re looking at.  Component View lists each component’s metadata as columns in the table – you can see property values such as Description, Part Number, and Material Name for each component, all at once.  If you have Manage Extension, Component View also shows each component’s Manage properties – you can see Item Numbers, Lifecycle, State, and hyperlinks to each component’s Manage “Item Overview” and change orders. 

Not only does Component View expose assembly structure and data, but it also allows you to browse the data for any historical version and supports Export of any component to the file-format of your choice.  Use this to quickly export internal components to STL for 3d printing or to extract internal components to share with external vendors, without having to expose an entire assembly.  The goal is to give you access to internal components and assembly data outside Fusion 360 so that you can perform process, management, and collaboration workflows in a web-based environment that is practical and natural for you.  Particularly for those of you who doesn’t use Fusion 360 regularly, imagine being able to milestone, release, issue change orders, get procurement information, and more for internal and external components from an easily-accessible browser page. 

Enabling and Getting to Component View 

Component View is in Fusion Team and available for Fusion360 F3D assembly files.  To open the Component View of an assembly, select a Fusion assembly in Fusion Team (or Manage Extension Hometab) and click on it to open the Overview. Next to the “Overview” tab, you should see a “Components” tab.  Click on this tab to open Component View! 

To learn more about Component View and for detailed instructions on how to get started, visit the help documentation.

New & Improved Post Processors

We’ve added new post processors for exporting toolpath to the LulzBot mini, mini 2, TAZ 5, TAZ 6, TAZ Pro, TAZ Pro S, TAZ Pro XT, TAZ SideKick, TAZ Workhorse. We’ve also made improvement to whole slew of milling post processors. Check our out detailed forum post to learn more.

Improvements & Fixes

To learn more about other improvements that went into this update, our extended list of fixes to issues reported by you, as well as known issues, check out the related Known Issues, Improvements and Fixes forum thread below.

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