Evolve Dispels Common Generative Design Myths

Heather Miller January 12, 2022 1 min read

Evolve’s latest hypercar component dispels common myths about generative design in Fusion 360, including expense, difficulty, and fabrication methods.

Image courtesy of Evolve.

Since 2016, UK-based Evolve has used Fusion 360 to grow its business for the engineering of high-quality bespoke systems and products—from automotive to industrial equipment, clean technologies, and more. 

But there’s one Fusion 360 function that the Evolve team had never tried: generative design. Why? Well, they assumed it was too complicated and too expensive—two common myths about the tool. And they thought it was mainly suited for additive manufacturing and wouldn’t work well with their use of CNC machining. 

The Evolve team is always taking on and solving challenging engineering projects. That means also exploring new technologies to innovate and add value. For a new electric hypercar component project, they decided to see if generative design in Fusion 360 might help. Quickly, they realized AI-driven technology could produce innovative designs for traditional fabrication and 2.5-axis milling.  

Trying Generative Design for the First Time 

The team set parameters for weight reduction, strength, performance, and stiffness for the component. They also needed to ensure optimization for CNC milling. The resulting design options presented with generative design were surprising. Best of all, the final electric hypercar component was 40% lighter and compatible for 2.5 axis milling.  

“It created something that was very interesting and aesthetically pleasing that perhaps we wouldn’t have created if we’d have done this from a traditional design method,” says Matt Hill, founder and CEO, Evolve. “We’re really looking forward to having this as a tool in our toolbox for the future, to make our design process more efficient and add value to our customers going forward.” 

Learn more about Evolve’s journey with Fusion 360 here

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