Category: Industrial Design

  • cloud-based-networks

    How Cloud-Based Networks are Shaping New Technology

    Fusion 360 played an integral role in the development of the SEAM Lotus, a popular personal safety device. As technology advances, networks like Fusion 360 are becoming increasingly important to help keep networks connected through the cloud.

  • onboard-industrial-design-teammates

    5 Ways to Seamlessly Onboard Industrial Design Teammates

    New members of a team need all the help they can get to show their value right away; companies onboarding industrial designers should identify a transparent process for onboarding new members, take the time to connect with them, maintain proper project documentation, focus on smaller tasks at first, and get the right equipment for the…

  • Introduction to Static Stress, and why every Designer should be using Simulation.

    Today's Tech Tip covers best practices and practical advice for designers to use Fusion 360's simulation capabilities.

  • Smart Home Automation’s Future To Rely on Smarter Design

    Today’s smart-home-automation market must respond to increasingly-demanding customer preferences, based around sound design.

  • AU 2019 is Coming!

    Autodesk University 2019 is approaching quickly! Find out what will be happening for the Fusion 360 Community.

  • The Case for Collaboration

    Collaboration is an absolute necessity in today’s fast-paced world, and world-class projects need world-class software to make collaboration easy.

  • What Jony Ive Leaving Apple Means for Industrial Design

    Jony Ive made a significant impact on Apple as the company’s chief design officer. His departure has left some wondering what leaving a tech giant, like Apple, could mean for industrial design.

  • Fusion 360 Components & Bodies for New Designers

    Read this blog to learn everything you need to know about bodies and components in Fusion 360! Assemble, build, and capture motion properly!