Building Today, Envisioning Tomorrow: Autodesk Fusion Industry Cloud

Srinath Jonnalagadda Srinath Jonnalagadda December 7, 2023

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Autodesk Fusion industry cloud for manufacturing will represent a new era of connected data and collaboration to design and make anything. Read on to learn how we are helping you address the issues you face today and in the future.


The state of manufacturing

Incredible change is taking place in the manufacturing industry. The world is becoming more and more dynamic, and the pace and magnitude of change is accelerating. Supply chain disruptions, skills gaps, rising costs, and economic uncertainty are all top of mind for manufacturers. For an industry that has historically been known for working in silos across teams, departments, and locations, this presents many challenges. Now’s the time to face these challenges head-on and embrace change! 

As disruption and change continues to accelerate, so does the technology available to us. In fact, technology is a vital part of dealing with the change that surrounds us. This enhances your understanding of market demand and supply chain dynamics. It helps increase your agility, allowing you to rapidly course correct and capitalize on opportunities. And most importantly it enables you to stay competitive in the face of disruption. 

Ten years ago, Autodesk saw this future where change was constant, and we began creating a radically new environment that takes you from design to make. Remember 2013? Detroit filed for bankruptcy. Google tried to make glasses. And no one in manufacturing was talking about the cloud. Except Autodesk. 

For nearly a decade, Autodesk has been delivering cloud-connected workflows, automation, and AI to the masses, evolving how you work in this new era. This journey all started with the integration of CAD and CAM capabilities. Functionality was then expanded in every direction to include PLM and PDM. To CAE, PCB, and MES. Simply put, recruiting every acronym that means anything to you to take this new era as productive as possible.  

Introducing the Autodesk Fusion industry cloud


This new era is Autodesk Fusion industry cloud. The solution for bringing your data and workflows together across the entire product lifecycle. Built on the Autodesk Design & Make Platform, Fusion industry cloud transforms product design and manufacturing by unifying workflows in three ways: 

Information is the backbone of any product development process. Built on a central data model, Autodesk Fusion industry cloud frees data from massive proprietary files and connects it. This allows your teams to work with the data they need between solutions, on any device, from anywhere.  

So, whether you’re a business executive at a conference, giving final design approval from your phone or a machinist on the shop floor, seeing from your tablet that tolerances have changed, data will surface with the right context at the right time, in the environment you’re already working in. The result – unlocking new levels of productivity and visibility across your business.  

The Autodesk Fusion industry cloud enables you to automate tedious tasks that drain time and energy, make the most of your data through analysis that surfaces insights, and augment your work, so you can be more creative and more productive. 

In this dynamic new era, no one can match the experience, scale, and unprecedented value Autodesk brings to these new ways of working. We’re making bold investments to solve your industry’s challenges and to help you adapt to whatever change comes your way. Embrace the change. 

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