Fusion for the Win: A Spotlight on the Autodesk Design & Make Awards 2023 Winners Who Use Fusion

Emily Suzuki Emily Suzuki November 17, 2023

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The Autodesk Design & Make Awards celebrate the people, projects, and technologies behind exceptional contributions to architecture, engineering & construction; product design & manufacturing; media & entertainment; and education. We recently announced the 2023 award winners at AU 2023. In case you missed the ceremony, here’s a recap of the four award winners who used Autodesk Fusion during their workflows.

Innovator of the Year Award Winner: NASA

NASA research engineer Ryan McClelland is pioneering the use of AI-powered generative design to design the next evolution of spacecraft. So far, McClelland and his team have used generative design to create components for balloon observatories, space telescopes, and the Mars Sample Return mission. The entire design and manufacturing cycle takes just one week—ten times faster than NASA’s traditional design process—and results in parts that are two-thirds the weight and perform three times better.

Education Excellence Award Winner: Carla Herrero

Carla Herrero has a passion for designing cars that are lighter, stronger, and faster. She recently finished her studies in mechanical engineering at University College London where she was a member of UCL Racing, a team of students that designs and builds formula cars.

For her final project, Carla used Autodesk Fusion to produce front-uprights with 24% less mass and rear, doubling their safety factor. Her unique applications of design and make tools impressed Mercedes Formula 1, where she’s landed her first professional job in its suspension design division.

Design and Manufacturing Community Leader Award Winner: Alex Lobos

Alex Lobos has emerged as a shining example of what it means to be a true community leader due to his unwavering commitment and dedication to evangelizing Autodesk Fusion and the next generation of designers. Alex consistently goes above and beyond to make a difference, whether it’s through his active involvement or his selfless assistance to others.

Through his extensive knowledge and passion for industrial design, he serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring designers. His focus on sustainable design, emotional attachment, and CAD applications showcases his forward-thinking approach and his dedication to creating a better future.

Outstanding Recognition: Mahindra Mahindra

Automotive manufacturing is experiencing a digital revolution and one company is hitting the gas and fueling change. Mahindra and Mahindra has created a fully digital factory and is leveraging technology to upgrade automotive design. With Autodesk Fusion, AutoCAD, and Inventor, the company designed a smart factory to manufacture vehicles. Mahindra and Mahindra is accelerating transformation and shaping the future of innovation in automotive manufacturing.

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