• Starting From Scratch: Design Basics in Fusion 360

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    Want to import data into Fusion 360 but not sure how to do it? Let's explore different ways to use data sets within Fusion 360.

  • November 2022 Major Product Update

    V.2.0.15050 (Current) chris.stobart reported an issue affecting the Manage extension where the item number in the part list of the drawings workspace was not displaying. Sorry about that, this is now fixed. We fixed an issue where Fusion 360 would crash during paused jobs if save/clone was in progress. V.2.0.15027 A few of you reported…

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    Autodesk University 2022 is a wrap! Learn about what's new, what's coming, and some highlights you don't want to miss.

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  • November 2022 Minor Product Update – What’s New

    V.2.0.14793 NOTICE: Important OS support information after March 2023 After the March 2023 product update, Fusion 360 will no longer fully support the OS versions listed below: Windows 8.1 Windows 10 (Version 1803 or older) macOS 10.15 (Catalina) In order for us to continue developing Fusion 360 for the latest and greatest, we must stay…

  • 15+ Essential Fusion 360 Modeling Commands and Their Shortcuts

    Once you master this list of beginner Fusion 360 modeling commands, you'll be well on your way to becoming an expert.

  • October 2022 Major Product Update – What’s New

    V.2.014569 We fixed an issue where Fusion 360 crashed when you typed “gnd” in the command line with Via command and the Inspector kept open. We fixed a bug where the “Insert a manufacturer part” option was weirdly missing from the UI. We fixed a crash issue where a number of you have been consistently…

  • The Fusion 360 Factory Experience is Back at Autodesk University 2022

    Looking for things to do at Autodesk University 2022? Well, look no further: the Fusion 360 Factory Experience is back and better than ever. 

  • September 2022 Product Update – What’s New

    V.2.0.14337 We got reports of you not being able to upload non-native Fusion 360 designs to your Data Panel. This hotfix addressed this issue. V.2.0.14336 We fixed a crash caused by a timing issue. V.2.0.14335 Modeling  Previously, it was possible to create an edge with the ‘Insert Point’ command across multiple faces, as shown in…

  • August 2022 Product Update – What’s New

    V.2.0.13881 (current) See the latest fixes V.2.0.13866 Design Improved: Ever try to Edit Joint from the timeline and experience a huge delay? With this update the time it takes to do this task will substantially decrease, leaving you with a smoother more enjoyable experience.  Fixed: We fixed an issue where the mesh palette would not…

  • Understanding The Render Workspace in Fusion 360

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  • How To Create Threads in Fusion 360

    Curious about creating threads using Autodesk Fusion 360? Check out this guide to learn how to make custom threads, save your settings, and create internal threads using the hole command. Creating External Threads in Fusion 360: 1. Open the thread command under the Create option in the tool bar. 2. Select the face you would…