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April 27, 2016 Update – What’s New

New Appearance Materials Available



Get ready for some eye candy – you now have some brand new materials such as Black Oxide, Titanium Nitride, particle board, hard board, MDF board and more in your appearance material library available for download.


Here is the full list of where they are located inside your library folders:

  • Metal->Coatings->Coating – Black Oxide
  • Metal->Coatings->Coating – Titanium Nitride
  • Metal->Aluminum->Aluminum – Bead Blasted
  • Wood->Unfinished->Particle Board
  • Wood->Unfinished->Hard Board
  • Wood->Unfinished->MDF Board
  • Leather and Cloth->Cloth->Fabric (Generic)
  • Leather and Cloth->Leather->Leather (generic)
  • Other->Base Materials->Base Materials – Opaque
  • Other->Base Materials->Base Materials – Layered
  • Other->Base Materials->Base Materials – Metal
  • Other->Base Materials->Base Materials – Transparent


By the way, the last 4 base materials in that list are there to give you more flexibility in creating your own custom materials without having to dissect existing materials.


Issues Fixed


Our team has been on a search and destroy mission for some pretty nasty crash issues, and after some intense bug bashing, we have come back victorious. We decided not to wait and to make these fixes available to you as soon as possible, because why not?


Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 10.20.31 AM


  • We’ve received a number of Crash Error Reports (CERs) related to the parameters dialog (thanks to everyone who submits these!). It was showing some weird behavior where the UI didn’t work properly and parameter names didn’t update after they’ve been explicitly renamed. Some of these issues would lead to a crash, which was just downright frustrating.
  • There was another issue where Fusion 360 would crash after using the move command or after creating a joint. Turns out, this problem, as well as the parameter ones, were all related, ultimately stemming from one bigger issue, and we’re happy to report that it has been resolved and fixed.


  • There have been reports where Fusion 360 would crash if you wanted to get the latest changes made to your reference designs that have been inserted into your existing design with “Get All Latest”. This should work properly now.
  • There was another crash issue where if you created a screenshot and posted it into the comments dialog, then opened the screenshot with the screenshot viewer, closed it, and tried to exit, Fusion would hang and then crash. Kind of ironic that it would crash on exit, no? Now you can exit without a hitch.
  • When you had multiple documents open along with the “Getting Started” dialog and then closed one of the documents, Fusion 360 would sometimes crash. This is now fixed.

In addition to these, we’ve also made some important internal fixes that didn’t affect you directly. If we did it right, it’ll seem like we didn’t do anything at all :).

So yeah, quick update this time, but a much needed one. Thanks again, and stayed tuned for the next one!


Keqing and the Fusion 360 team




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