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Global illumination and game lighting middleware

Beast™ is a set of powerful tools for creating realistic lighting in games. Developers can use Beast to simulate natural, physically correct lighting effects: color bounce, soft shadows, high dynamic range (HDR) lighting, and lighting of moving objects in real-time game environments.

Beast features

High-quality global illumination

Simulate natural lighting effects with physically based rendering.

Interactive lighting previews

Make changes to levels, and immediately see how lighting will look.

Distributed rendering

Accelerate render times with DistriBeast included in the Beast toolset.

High-quality global illumination

Bake global illumination lighting to light maps, shadow maps, and point clouds, and simulate natural lighting effects: color bounce, colored shadows, soft shadows, and HDR lighting. Artists can achieve natural-looking lighting with physically based rendering, which reduces the amount of tweaking to the scene while maintaining the flexibility to customize shaders to create unique lighting effects.

Live scene authoring

Changes made to levels update in a viewport interactively. Lighting previews accurately depict the in-game appearance of assets, so artists can design lighting in levels and immediately see how it will look without performing a full, high-quality render. The API enables developers to integrate live scene authoring into custom game level editors.

Live material support

Artists can make changes to the texture and materials of game geometry, which alters lighting and updates in the live renderer. Artists can perform even more drastic changes to level design with results delivered directly in the level editor for faster iteration.

Distributed rendering

Includes DistriBeast tool for managing multiple Beast render nodes on a network. Game teams can better utilize computing power, helping accelerate render times.

Easy-to-integrate API

The Beast API simplifies integration with a game engine. The API is delivered as a set of C header files with a library file and DLL.

Open Shading Language support

Beast uses the Open Shading Language (OSL), used in the production of blockbuster feature films, to help artists create higher-quality lighting for games. Using OSL in Beast provides greater flexibility when creating material properties, enabling the creation of a more highly diverse set of lighting conditions.

Maya plug-in

The Beast plug-in for Maya 3D animation software enables modelers and animators to see the same lighting condition of their assets in Maya as level designers do when using Beast in a game engine.

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Get Beast with Stingray
The Stingray game engine includes powerful, preintegrated tools, including Beast.

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