Info360 Asset update: multiparameter risk modelling, map improvements, in-app notification manager

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Coming off the exciting news of Info360 Asset’s integration with VAPAR Solutions, we have a new product update. We’ve taken your direct feedback with enhancements to how you calculate risk in your risk modelling, improved maps to make it easier for you to view pipe inspection details and defects, and we’ve added an in-app notification manager to aid in the communications between field teams, contractors and inspection program managers.

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Multiparameter risk modelling

With the addition of multiparameter risk modelling, Info360 Asset now offers more advanced methods for determining overall risk. We’ve added greater flexibility in defining Likelihood of Failure (LoF) and Consequence of Failure (CoF) by utilizing a pivot table with two parameters. This enables the creation of higher complexity risk components for LoF and CoF.

The ability to build risk models based on two parameters has been a highly requested feature. Shown in our video, you can create new risk models and select the asset type (in this case, sanitary sewer system pipes). You can set up categories for CoF and assign scores based on two parameters:

The “Score Setup” feature provides a multi-parameter grid where users can enter scores between 0 and 10. This allows you to view and understand the combination of criticality count to road proximity and assign criticality scores accordingly. Overall, these enhancements to risk modelling in Info360 Asset deliver a more advanced and flexible approach to determining overall risk.

Zoom and scale map enhancements

Our new map enhancements ensure that inspections and defects can now be seen at all provided zoom levels, making for a smoother and more consistent visual experience when scaling up or down your visual maps.

Previously, inspections and defects did not show when set to very small zoom levels, nor was that setting consistent for both inspections and defects at smaller zoom levels, which could leave you in a situation where you weren’t always able to see every detail that you expected to see. We heard excellent feedback around these details, which helped us standardize and even expand user map options.

In addition to now being able to view inspections and their associated defects at all provided zoom levels, we’ve added the ability for you to customize themes to specify zoom factor settings, stroke width and color. These added customization options should make working with maps and emphasizing all the right details for displaying pipeline conditions easier and more intuitive – no matter how far in or out you zoom.

In-App Notification Manager

Building on the integration we’ve been establishing between inspection teams and asset owners in a prior release, we’ve created an In-App Notification Manager for improved communication between the field and the office. You can choose to get notifications when new inspections are uploaded or when their status has changed. These notifications can also be viewed and filtered in grid view.

For example, when field crews and contractors upload inspections, inspection program managers will now be informed within Info360 Asset that new inspections are ready for review. When inspections are approved, risk and rehab modelers will now be aware of new inspections that can be used in their risk models and rehabilitation decision trees.

The Notification Manager feature also allows you to bulk delete notifications, with a “Dismiss All” option to clear notifications. Or, you can select notifications within a specific date range and delete them individually or all at once based on notification type.

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You’ll find a bit more information on the Info360 Asset What’s New page. Thank you for your continued feedback in shaping Info360 Asset to be the solution for water utilities to manage their assets and reduce CapEx/OpEx spend. We always want to hear your feedback on the Autodesk Water Feedback Portal. And, of course, you can follow along with the progress of all our apps on the Autodesk Water Solutions Roadmap.

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