InfoWater Pro 2024.4: Water quality in the cloud, MSX 2.0, and new shortcuts

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InfoWater Pro 2024.4 is here, bringing new improvements to cloud functionality, MSX 2.0 access, and a few new shortcuts for better product usability. Our team has heard great things from customers about access to cloud runs for fire flow, released in InfoWater Pro 2024.2 earlier this year. We’re continuing along our path of further integrating the cloud into the product. 

Let’s look at what the latest release of InfoWater Pro brings you.

Water quality batch runs in the cloud

Many InfoWater Pro users were excited when we announced fire flow simulations in the cloud, like Denver Water, who said their fire flow “simulation times went from over 1.5 hours to 5 minutes!” Building off this excitement, we’ve now enabled water quality simulations to be pushed to the cloud, meaning you can now offload heavy simulations that would otherwise take a good amount of time. 

Additionally, we’ve enabled batch runs in the cloud, meaning that you can run many simulations in parallel, getting high-quality simulation results back at the same time, empowering you to make even more in-tune decisions about your water distribution network. 

We created a short video that shows how batch runs in the cloud can parallelize in-depth sensitivity studies with water quality in far less time than what is possible on desktop.

Follow the latest InfoWater Pro release videos via our product-specific YouTube playlists.

MSX 2.0 engine upgrade 

The latest release also brings access to the latest MSX 2.0 engine. This new multi-species engine extension to EPANET grants access to new capabilities for water modelers, like diffusivity  and some new numerical improvements in the model. Water modelers pushing the boundaries of their skills will see great benefits with this improved access, enabling advanced water quality calculations with dispersion for realistic results in low-flow pipes. This upgrade to the newest MSX 2.0 engine also keeps InfoWater Pro on the industry-leading edge for access to the latest and greatest water distribution modeling tools. 

A simple introductory workflow of MSX for those who are new to multi-species modeling is multi-source tracing, as demonstrated in a recent Water Drops video from Solutions Engineer Tim Midearis, PE.

One of our popular Water Drop worfklow videos – all collected in a playlist you can follow.

New shortcuts 

The InfoWater Pro team has been hard at work making continuous improvements over the last year, and this latest update makes those improvements and features easier to access. 

Starting off, we introduced a new shortcut to the Simulation Task Manager, which is now accessible by clicking a button right next to “run.” 

In the message board, you can now right click to clear the board. Additionally, in the hydraulic diagnostics for InfoWater Pro, you can now zoom to objects that have warnings and right click and jump straight to the report to get a detailed summary. This helps if you’re troubleshooting your model and unsure about what’s happening with a given warning; more information about that object is now more accessible through the report. 

Update your app and start simulating

This is an important release for InfoWater Pro, with tremendous work and coordination from our development team, QA, DevOps, marketing, documentation, and support team testers. Many thanks to everyone who helped.

Make this release part of your everyday workflow: 

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