The water professional’s guide to Autodesk University 2023 in Las Vegas

Casey Chaisson Casey Chaisson August 22, 2023

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Registration for AU 2023 is now open. And this year, we’re bringing the event back to Las Vegas! The world’s only Design & Make Conference will run for three-days on November 13-15 — and we have a lot in store for water.  

This year’s big speaker: the irrepressible Ryan Reynolds.

For three decades, Autodesk University has been at the heart of Design & Make industries. It brings together innovators in architecture, engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing, media, and entertainment, to share ideas, advance industry practices, and explore opportunities for the future. This year, we’re excited to expand these opportunities to include rich content for water professionals to connect, engage, and learn. 

This year, we’re back in Las Vegas. Registration is open; classes fill up fast.

Make the most out of your in-person experience and reach out to your Autodesk team to set up some time to meet and connect during the event. We’d love to hear from you!

Get inspired by industry leaders and Design & Make changemakers

Hear from Autodesk executives, customers, and thought leaders sharing groundbreaking ideas and inspiring stories with our main stage events. 

Last year during the general session, we heard from Meagan Williams, the stormwater program manager for the New Orleans Department of Public Works who spoke about the effects of climate change on the city of New Orleans and the impact technology is having on creating sustainable water infrastructure.

4 AU water events you don’t want to miss

There’s so much to learn at AU 2023 for water. Here are a few key sessions related to planning, designing, building, and operating water infrastructure that we recommend you check out. These may become the most attended events, so we recommend signing up as soon as you can to secure a seat.

CI600994 | Reducing environmental impacts from CSOs by maximizing cloud technology

Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) are a significant and growing challenge across the globe. The release of untreated sewerage resulting from heavy rainfall has detrimental impacts on natural waterways, bathing areas, and aquaculture. However, these challenges are now surmountable with InfoWorks ICM‘s new cloud capabilities. In this session, Autodesk Product Manager Sophia Buchanan will discuss how these exciting developments allow water companies and municipalities to better understand and mitigate risks with more affordable technology.

CI601629 | Risk and rehabilitation of sewer assets with Info360 Asset

In this session, Autodesk’s Martha Nunez will co-present with the City of Oakland to present their risk prioritization strategy developed with the help of Info360 Asset and their consulting team. The City of Oakland’s sewer collection system has a total of 940 miles of pipelines with an average service life over 50 years. To maintain and improve the system and to prevent costly failures, comprehensive asset management strategies have been needed. Hear from the city on how this strategy has been implemented in Info360 Asset and the efficiencies they have gained. (Note: You can get AIA LU Continuing Education credits for this class.)

PLT602090 | Making the data flow like water: Delivering BIM and integrating GIS

Nandakumar Pramod of Jacobs will discuss one of the largest programs of work in the Australian water industry that is successfully integrating BIM and GIS data to increase efficiency, improve stakeholder engagement, and upskill the workforce. Over the last four years, the project team has worked collaboratively to establish BIM requirements for complex brownfield treatment plants, reservoirs, and pumping station upgrades. Hear more about the efficiencies gained using Revit, Civil 3D, Plant 3D and Navisworks with the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

1325 | Theater talk: Future of Water

Join us for a powerful presentation on the Future of Water and the pivotal role of technology in fostering resilient and sustainable water infrastructure. This theater-style session brings together three industry-leading water professionals, equipped with global expertise and knowledge in planning, designing, building, and operating water systems and programs into one dynamic talk. Discover how technology can better prepare us for the effects of climate change, address water scarcity, enhance water quality, and ensure more equitable access to our most precious resource.

A wide selection of water industry classes

We’ve put together a full list of content related to water at AU 2023 to help you make the most of your in-person or digital experience. Use the list below as a guide to find sessions that are relevant to your water interests. To enroll, click on the Session ID to be taken to each listing in the AU 2023 session catalog.

Double check the catalog for dates and times of each session, as these are subject to change – and register early if possible. Some of these will fill up early.

Session IDTypeTitle | description
CI601629ClassRisks and rehabilitation of sewer assets with Info360 Asset | City of Oakland will share their user experience and present the risk prioritization strategy developed with Info360 Asset and explain how the product has improved their asset management efficiency.
CI600994ClassReducing environmental impacts from CSOs by maximizing cloud technology | The historical challenges around collaboration and data sharing for geographically disparate team members, along with the requirement to carry out large numbers of long duration simulations are now surmountable with InfoWorks ICM’s new cloud capabilities.  
CI601871ClassBuilding a Data Culture & Digitally Transform Water Utilities with Info360 |Learn how Anglian Water leveraged advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to save £150,000 a year by making sense of large and complex data sets, uncovering hidden insights, and automating decision-making processes.
UTL601980ClassUnleashing the power of InfoWorks ICM to understand risk of environmental impact | Learn how Sydney Water prioritized capital investment based on risk of impact to the flora/fauna or social sensitive sites using data from InfoWorks ICM. 
UTL601683ClassWater Hammer in Water Systems: Analyze and Mitigate Using InfoWater Pro | Explore case studies that show how InfoWater Pro is leveraged to protect piping infrastructure from potential harm by transients. 
CI602824ClassWater Digital Twins: Engineering and Operations Solving Problems Together | Hear examples of live modeling use cases all over the world where utilities and their consultants have recognized changes they can make today to get closer to a realistic digital twin of their water system.
CES602400ClassDemocratize Sustainability: Connected Data for Infrastructure Excellence | Here, we present a framework utilizing Autodesk’s AEC Collection and Innovyze products to assist engineers and sustainability professionals identify sustainable solutions for civil infrastructure. 
CES601567Class2D or not 2D! Next Generation Autodesk Flood Modeling workflows | Explore how to adopt 2D hydrologic and hydraulic modeling using Autodesk tools such as Recap, AutoCAD Civil 3D, InfraWorks, and Infoworks ICM. 
CES601760Class“Envision” your project sustainability goals with Autodesk water solutions | This presentation demonstrates Autodesk’s water solutions portfolio and how you can achieve project Envision verification to position your company as a leader in the sustainability infrastructure space and win more work. 
CES601643ClassThe Seamless and Bi-directional Integration of InfoDrainage with Civil 3D | This session delves into the exciting integration of InfoDrainage software with Civil 3D, a development with the potential to revolutionize drainage design in civil engineering. 
CES600175ClassWater Project Lifecycle Connected Data with C3D, GIS, Dynamo, Python, IFC | This class will showcase a connected data workflow used to deliver large water and sewer infrastructure projects from design to commissioning. This is accomplished with a systematic use of Civil 3D and ArcGIS integration, asset data governance, and IFC for digital twin commissioning. 
UTL601433ClassBIM Automation: Generatively Designing Resilient Infrastructure with Revit | We will explore how BIM automation techniques have been used to create 15,000+ generative designs for critical water and power infrastructure projects using Revit and Transcend software.
CI602345ClassAsset commissioning: implementation of BIM technologies in a large W&WW co. | This presentation will explore the experience of an ambitious corporate BIM implementation program in its first wave of implementation, with one of its main objectives being the development and access of asset information with a focus on commissioning. 
PLT603024ClassAutodesk Tandem Implementation for a Wastewater Facility | Learn about opportunities that Tandem can provide, lessons learned about implementation, working though documenting uses cases, and have a good discussion about possibilities for the future.
CI602769ClassCivil Asset Model Management at DEN | This course will give an overview of Civil Asset Management at Denver International Airport. 
CES601745ClassAutodesk tools customization aids BIM implementation in sanitation company | In this talk, we’ll discuss the CAD-BIM transition, covering not only software usage, but also company diagnosis, policies and project standards establishment, which implies in changes in the design processes and in the organizational culture as a whole, in order to raise BIM maturity within the company and its entire “ecosystem”.
PLT602090ClassMaking the data flow like water: Delivering BIM and integrating GIS | On one of the largest programs of work in the Australian Water Industry, Jacobs is, by integrating BIM and GIS, able to increase efficiency, improve stakeholder engagement and upskill our teams, all while delivering a key program of works. 
CES601635ClassStreamlining Open Channel Design with BIM Execution Plan and Automation | In this session, you will learn more about the implementation of the BIM Execution Plan (BEP) in a 27 km section of an open channel design. We will highlight the collaboration between the design and construction teams and the clients through a Common Data Environment (CDE).
CES600053ClassPlant(3D)ing Civil 3D Pressure Network Parts | This class will walk through the process of leveraging multiple AEC Collection products including Plant 3D Spec Editor, Infrastructure Parts Editor, and Content Catalog Editor libraries to generate custom libraries for use in Civil 3D. 
PLT601474ClassWater Wars: Plant 3D vs. Revit, Unleashing Design Superpowers | This course is designed to help water and wastewater industry professionals understand the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of Autodesk Plant 3D and Revit for Process Mechanical piping projects.
UTL602225ClassSaving water and improving efficiency: how Autodesk solution helped SANEPAR | This session will cover an unprecedented success case to explain how SANEPAR connected AutoCAD, Autodesk Construction Cloud, ArcGIS, WaterGEMS, and SCADA to discover and resolve leaks.
1325Theater TalkThe Future of Water | Join industry leaders discussing technology’s role in building a resilient and sustainable water future. 
1165Community Meet-upLet’s talk Water, a community meet-up | The Water Community Meet-up brings together water professionals and enthusiasts to explore and discuss the transformative potential of technology in planning, designing, building, and operating sustainable water infrastructure. (Last year was a blast.)
By invitationFuture’s briefingWater roadmap discussion | Listen to an in-depth discussion from Autodesk’s product strategy and development managers on the current state of the water roadmap and the future. Session is by invite-only. Please reach out to your Autodesk rep to inquire about attendance. (Here’s what we covered last year.)

Build your Autodesk community and connect with other water professionals

AU is all about community. Connect with like-minded professionals in meetups, roundtables, and receptions. Don’t miss the community meet-up Let’s Talk Water, where you can meet the Autodesk team, exchange ideas, connect with like-minded professionals, and learn from real-world projects. 

Another chance to connect with Autodesk and industry water experts is at the AU Expo. Visit the AEC section of the Expo Hall to see product demos, ask questions, and get to know the people at Autodesk who work on solving water problems every day.  

Ready to join us? You can register on the official AU website. Need help convincing your manager? We have a cost calculator and sample email you can copy and paste and send to your approving manager.

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