Public roadmap for Autodesk’s water solutions now includes both desktop and cloud products 

Casey Chaisson Casey Chaisson March 21, 2023

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Over the past year, Autodesk’s public-facing roadmap for water solutions has included insight into the development of our Info360 cloud products. Today, we’re excited to expand this roadmap to include core desktop solutions, providing transparency to our full product vision and strategy.

Our product roadmap is focused on delivering continuous improvements to our existing capabilities while introducing new and enhanced workflows to help water professionals achieve their goals more efficiently. 

You can now find a summary of recent releases, in-progress features, and future development considerations for all of these products: 

Keep up with our product updates as we shape the future of water technology  

When you visit our product roadmap, you’ll see Autodesk’s vision for the future of our water solutions: to deliver cloud-based technology that drives efficiency and sustainability for our customers across all stages of the asset lifecycle.  

Specifically, we are committed to providing:

Our public roadmap gives a transparent look at the vision and areas of focus for product development. 

Drainage design and analysis 

InfoDrainage is Autodesk’s full design and analysis solution for stormwater drainage systems and hydrology simulations. It delivers speedy, sustainable, cost-effective, and compliant designs with tailored reports for compliance that accelerates the BIM cycle. Our strategic vision for InfoDrainage includes:  

Recently launched features in InfoDrainage with a sidebar that shows our strategic vision for the product.

InfoDrainage has achieved many significant development milestones towards these strategic goals in recent releases. Most significantly for Australian customers is the support for Australian Rainfall and Runoff Guidelines (ARR19), which helps streamline the drainage design processes for land developments and major infrastructure projects while reducing reliance on spreadsheets.  

Additionally, InfoDrainage users can now access extended property data sets within Civil 3D pipe network objects to carry over even more information and further streamline your drainage design workflows. 

We have several exciting developments in progress for InfoDrainage including the implementation of Flood Estimation Handbook 2022 (FEH22) rainfall, Design Logic Switch, improving the synchronization of Storm Water Control outlets from within the pipe network, and more developments with Civil 3D roundtripping. These exciting new features solidify InfoDrainage as the next-generation drainage design application to its predecessor Microdrainage with greater accuracy and stronger integrations.   

New to InfoDrainage? You can download a free trial.  

Stormwater, sewer, and flood modeling 

InfoWorks ICM is Autodesk’s advanced integrated catchment modeling software for modeling complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly, accurately, and collaboratively for water and wastewater. The strategic vision for InfoWorks ICM includes:  

New features in InfoWorks ICM include new SCS runoff methods and support for multiple database versions. 

Recent releases to InfoWorks ICM include features such as SCS Runoff Methods for SWMM networks​ with curvilinear and triangular unit hydrographs (UH). Additionally, users can now assign a priority value to roughness zones removing the need for editing overlapping geometry, providing greater efficiencies by eliminating roadblocks to getting two or more roughness zones overlapped.   

These developments and more are what’s driving stormwater and flood customers to adopt InfoWorks ICM and move from XPSWMM.  

Learn more about InfoWorks ICM on our product site.  

Water distribution modeling and management  

Our portfolio for water distribution comprises two robust solutions: InfoWorks WS Pro and InfoWater Pro. Both products share important strategic objectives to better support workflows for clean water distribution: 

Recent launched features in InfoWorks WS Pro were designed to enhance collaboration and efficiency.

InfoWorks WS Pro is a collaborative hydraulic modeling solution that allows users to work across teams and organizations with a multi-user database. Recent updates to the software includes exciting releases such as system head curves analysis, demand area analysis result improvements, and more.  

New features in InfoWater Pro include support for ArcGIS 3.0.

InfoWater Pro is Autodesk’s water distribution modeling software built on Esri’s ArcGIS Pro. Exciting improvements have been released in InfoWater Pro including ArcGIS 3.0 support as well as a new simulation task manager support function, more accessible diagnostic and reporting tools, and faster model management performance. To learn about these features, check out the details of our most recent product update.  

Continuous improvement in the cloud 

Our cloud solutions for water and wastewater, Info360 Insight, Info360 Asset, and Info360 Plant are regularly updated with exciting new features and enhancements to meet evolving customer needs. Our roadmap reflects constant improvements to our SaaS solutions to demonstrate the value we deliver to our customers.  

Overview of newly launched features in Info360 Asset, including integrations with ArcGIS Online.

One of the most notable updates since the last roadmap release the new ArcGIS Online integration within Info360 Asset. Users can now connect Info360 applications, including Info360 Asset, directly to ArcGIS Online through a built-in integration. This allows ArcGIS customers to get started quickly, as geospatial data is a key component to the analysis and visualization tools Info360 applications offer.  

To read about previous releases of our cloud roadmap and the strategic vision of each of our SaaS solutions, read about our most recent cloud product roadmap update.  

Follow along with our updates 

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