New in InfoWater Pro: Latest ArcGIS Pro support + powerful diagnostic tools

Parrod Perrine Parrod Perrine December 16, 2022

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The latest updates of InfoWater Pro now support ArcGIS 3.0 and improves re-run workflows and hydraulic simulation reporting. 

Latest ArcGIS Pro support

InfoWater Pro, which is built on top of ArcGIS, is now compatible with the latest ArcGIS Pro. With InfoWater 2023.3, you will model water systems within ArcGIS Pro 3.0. If you prefer to work within ArcGIS 2.8 or 2.9, InfoWater 2023.2 is available for download and installation (just like InfoWater Pro 2023.3), and should be used instead. 

Simulation Task Manager now runs in the background

You no longer have to wait for simulations to end before reviewing your water network. Now the Simulation Task Manager works in the background, allowing you to stay productive working, reviewing, exploring, and even editing your water model while running a simulation. This functionality can help you iterate frequently to check your work by re-running your current run configuration and model changes. 

How to turn on the Simulation Task Manager and use it.

Improved hydraulic diagnostic tools and reporting

The new simulation report summary is built off the Hydraulic Diagnostic Tool. No matter your experience in water modeling, you are now able to leverage the report summary in an easy-to-read way in a web browser to immediately understand run results and any potential simulation issues. The report offers insights about which model element has changed status the most during a simulation and lets you click and zoom in to the selected changed element within your model network. This greatly enhanced functionality empowers even junior modelers to understand any valve-related instability within their model. 

Something not working as expected? This tool will help you see exactly what changed and where problems might be.

Faster performance for common modeling workflows

This latest version of InfoWater Pro offers significantly improved performance. It now takes a fraction of the time compared to what it used to take for switching scenarios, creating map displays, and modifying the domains which is a dynamic selection of network elements. 

Plus a few bug fixes

We hope this new update will speed up your ability to work and gain greater insight into more details in easier ways. In addition to these new tools, we’ve included a few minor bug fixes in the release notes for InfoWater Pro. 

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