New release: InfoWorks WS Pro 2023.1

Parrod Perrine Parrod Perrine August 17, 2022

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The newly released InfoWorks WS Pro 2023.1 provides hydraulic modelers with more accurate pump configuration and selection, cross-version compability, and enhanced water demand reporting. We have several updates that we hope will make hydraulic modeling faster and easier for you.

System head curve analysis

System head curves are designed to help InfoWorks WS Pro users to evaluate existing and proposed pump stations based on the hydraulics and topology of the water system the pump is or will be operating in. The system head curve tool can help configure a new pump that will be part of a new system expansion or replace another pump. We’ve created a video to show you how it works.

A breakdown of how to use the System Head Curve functionality in InfoWorks WS Pro.

With this new functionality, you can operate your pump stations more efficiently in any water system condition.

Database cross-version compatibility

InfoWorks WS Pro now supports older versions of databases and clearly indicates the version your model is in. This can help teams share models in multiple different versions through a single installed version that includes the latest features and improvements. Now that the simulation engine can adapt to the database version, older models can continue to reproduce the same results as past software versions.

Some features will only be available on newer versions of the database, so you may want to pay attention to a few important details when working with several database versions:

Improved demand area analysis reporting

Demand analysis provides the necessary input for simulation runs (eg, demand profiles to be applied to customer points), and is also required information for planners, engineers, and managers to obtain water models as representative as possible of the water system.

The demand area analysis functionality has always been able to calculate an Unknown demand profile, Unknown specific consumption, and Leakage specific consumption. In this latest version of InfoWorks WS Pro, the Demand Area grid has been improved to make your key results easily available for reporting.

The tool can now display the calculated Adjusted Average Minimum Night flow, Unprofiled Demand Properties, Calculated Specific Consumption, Unaccounted for Water, Background Losses, and Excess Unaccounted for Water. In addition, the demand area analysis results can be copied to network objects for mapping purposes by simply using the right-click option when working with the demand area grid.

A review of the Demand Area Analysis tool and its new functionality

Stay up to date on new releases

Those are the latest updates to InfoWorks WS Pro 2023.1. We always update our help site’s What’s New section if you ever want to read more about the latest update, and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest videos.

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