AutoCAD Command Line Enhancements — Better Three Ways: Tuesday Tips with Lynn

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The AutoCAD command line has had quite a facelift and functionality boost over the last few years. These enhancements have been designed to help you draw and navigate more efficiently—which, of course, depends a lot on how you customize your settings and how you use various AutoCAD commands in your workflow.

This is the first of two posts regarding AutoCAD command line enhancements that I hope you’ll find helpful. Check out the second/final command line tips post here.

AutoCAD command line enhancements: Floating command line

AutoCAD floating command line: Tuesday tips with LynnBy default, the command line is in a floating mode, which means it can be moved and placed anywhere on your screen—or even on another screen. Move it up and out of the way, front and center, or, for you traditionalists, back down in the lower left corner.

AutoCAD command line enhancements: Selectable options

Command options are displayed on the command line (in blue) for easy access and greater visibility. You can even click on the option instead of typing it in—no need to take your hand off the mouse!

AutoCAD command line: Selectable options. Tuesday tips with Lynn

AutoCAD command line enhancements: Synonym suggestions

AutoCAD command line: Synonym suggestions. Tuesday tips with LynnIf you work with multiple CAD systems, I’m sure you know how easy it is to mix up your nomenclature. The Synonym Suggestions will help you find an appropriate AutoCAD command line: Edit synonym suggestions. Tuesday tips with Lynnmatch. For example, if you key in SYMBOL (a Microstation command), AutoCAD will offer up the INSERT command.

Even better? It’s customizable! Customize your synonyms with the Edit Synonym tool. Find it on the Manage ribbon tab.


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