Three More AutoCAD Command Line Tips: Tuesday Tips with Lynn

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As I noted (threatened?) in last week’s post, I have three more AutoCAD command line tips to share with you this week. The ever-popular command line has been revised in the past few releases, and it really pays to keep up with these enhancements so you can put them to the best possible use.

AutoCAD command line: AutoComplete. Tuesday tips with LynnAutoCAD command line tips: AutoComplete

Save time (and spelling frustration) with AutoComplete! As you key in commands, AutoCAD automatically completes the entry. If you pause, a list of all possible commands and system variables is displayed so you can make an easy selection.

AutoComplete also supports mid-string search capabilities. If you key in PLANE, for example, you will get all the commands and system variables that contain the word PLANE.

Commands in the AutoComplete suggestion list are initially displayed in order of their general popularity. As you use it, however, the suggestion list will adapt to your own usage behavior. Yep: Your AutoCAD just keeps getting smarter and smarter!

AutoCAD command line: Content. Tuesday tips with LynnAutoCAD command line tips: Content

Timesaver alert! Now you can access layers, blocks, hatch patterns, text styles, dimension styles and visual styles from the command line! For example, if you key in “Door”, you can quickly insert the preferred door block from the suggestion list.

AutoCAD command line: AutoCorrect. Tuesday tips with LynnAutoCAD command line tips: AutoCorrect

No more of the dreaded “unknown command”! Now if you mistype a command, AutoCAD will autocorrect to the most relevant command. Hoorah!

Tip for the tips

You will find some of these new command line options display with expandable categories. Simply select the “+” or use the tab key to cycle through all the content.

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