AutoCAD Dialog Box Enhancements — Size Matters: Tuesday Tips with Lynn

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It’s Tuesday. You know what that means. Let’s go!

You can now resize many dialog boxes secure in the knowledge they will maintain their size the next time you launch AutoCAD. With these AutoCAD dialog box enhancements you can view more information with less scrolling (although you’ll burn fewer calories). Just try resizing the Insert dialog box for inserting blocks. The block preview resizes along with the dialog box, giving you a better preview of the block.AutoCAD Tuesday Tips with Lynn: The Adventure Continues ….

AutoCAD dialog box: insert dialog. Tuesday tips with Lynn

Bonus tip: Now the Insert dialog box also supports AutoComplete. Just key in the first few characters of your block name and AutoCAD will find it for you. No more scrolling through that long list of blocks!

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AutoCAD Tuesday Tips with Lynn: The Adventure Continues ….

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