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AutoCAD Galleries view. AutoCAD Tuesday Tips with Lynn.AutoCAD tips every Tuesday? Careful. This could be habit-forming. Today we touch on AutoCAD block galleries. It’s a quick tip—which is appropriate because block galleries are all about helping you finish designs more quickly. Remember, you’ll get all the AutoCAD Tuesday tips in this series, and many more, when you register to download my “best of” AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT tips book.

AutoCAD block galleries

AutoCAD block galleries make it easy for you to view and insert blocks directly from the ribbon (blocks from the current drawing, only). It’s just a matter of selecting the Insert tool from the ribbon, and then dragging and dropping the desired block into place.  And not to worry—you can still scale and rotate the block if needed!

You’ll also find helpful visual galleries for styles such as dimensions, mleaders, text, tables, and table cells. So if you forget the name of a style, you might recognize it in the gallery. Just trying to make your AutoCAD life as easy as possible!

If for some reason you’re a gallery hater (don’t be a hater!), you can turn galleries off by setting gallery view to 0.

Want to learn more about AutoCAD block galleries?

If I’ve whet your appetite for more information about AutoCAD block galleries, check out my two videos below ….

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AutoCAD Tuesday Tips with Lynn: The Adventure Continues ….

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