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Another Tuesday, another productivity-enhancing, time-saving, finger-snapping AutoCAD tip. This one features AutoCAD model space viewports. These are tiled viewports often used to view a 3D model from different angles in model space; they are very different from their paper space viewport counterparts.

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AutoCAD Model Space Viewport. AutoCAD Tuesday Tips with Lynn.

The model space viewports of the past were pretty structured. We had limited control over their size and position. And adding additional tiled viewports was a bit of a chore.

Now model space viewports are easier to identify, resize, and add. Simply drag the horizontal or vertical viewport boundaries, or drag the intersection to resize many at one time. Done!

Use the “+” icon to easily add more viewports … just click and drag the icon, then release when you’ve got it at the proper size.

You can also create a new viewport by holding the Control key while dragging.

Bonus tip! Join or remove a viewport by dragging a boundary to the edge. It’s just that simple!

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