AutoCAD File Tabs — 7 Things You Should Know: Tuesday Tips with Lynn

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 AutoCAD File tabs give you an easy way to access all your open drawings.

  1. Organize them the way you want: File tabs display in the order they were opened, but you can easily drag and drop AutoCAD File tabs example. Tuesday tips Lynn Allenthem to change the order. If you run out of room, an overflow menu will appear to the right.
  2. Get a preview image: Pass the cursor over a file tab to display preview images of model space and layouts. If you hover your cursor over a preview image, the preview is temporarily enlarged and displayed in the drawing area. Here you’ll find you can quickly print and publish without even switching to the drawing!
  3. Pay attention: A lock icon on a tab indicates read-only. An asterisk indicates the file has been modified since the last save.
  4. AutoCAD File tabs right-click menu. Tuesday tips Lynn AllenSee more options: Right click on a file tab to reveal additional options such as Save All and Close All Except This Tab (my personal favorite).
  5. Quickly copy a link to your drawing for an email with Copy Full File Path.
  6. Get a friendly directory reminder with Open File Location.
  7. Kill it if you must: If for some reason you prefer to turn off this cool new tool—you can do so from the File Tabs control on the View tab of the ribbon.

Want to learn more about AutoCAD File tabs?

AutoCAD File tabs on the ribbon. Tuesday tips Lynn Allen

If I’ve whet your appetite for more information about AutoCAD File tabs, visit AutoCAD Online Help and check out the following page …

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