Revit 2024: Enhancements to IFC Geometric Fidelity

The Factory The Factory July 24, 2023

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A drive for better interoperability and collaboration is shaping the future of Revit. 

What’s new: Revit 2024.1 significantly improved the geometric fidelity of the elements created in newly linked IFC files by using the same technology that enables Inventor’s AnyCAD.

Enhanced Link IFC Fidelity.
When it comes to interoperability, data integrity is critical. With Revit 2024.1, we have taken a significant step forward in our strategy to enhance interoperability between various file formats and open standards. The inclusion of this platform framework greatly enhances the fidelity of geometry when linking IFC files into Revit. This technology enables Revit to greatly improve the stability and fidelity of data through interoperability and ensures it is data you can trust.

Accurate Geometric Representations.
The integration of the new geometric framework enhances the fidelity of geometry and ensures accurate representations. This enables precise representations for complex Boolean operations, such as correctly cutting the extents of geometry with Roofs. It also improves surface fidelity for large models away from the origin, which were previously unstable. Furthermore, the modernization of tolerances and acceptance of geometric data resolves previous instances where geometry may have been missing from the file.

Autodesk Platform Framework.
Revit has integrated the technology behind Inventor’s AnyCAD, which enables other products within Autodesk to leverage the same technology for consistent results across products. Regardless of the Autodesk application using IFC data, the integration of this technology ensures consistent and accurate data. Additionally, Revit can now deliver additional enhancements to data fidelity and improved performance more effectively and frequently.

What We’re Aware of: With the significant advancement of geometric fidelity and stability, at this time, Link IFC may be less performant than the legacy Link IFC import. We know performance is important to our customers using IFC workflows, so we wanted to re-enforce our priorities and share the following considerations:

Autodesk’s IFC Strategy for Revit

Autodesk’s vision for IFC capabilities within Revit is to provide a best-in-class BIM solution for IFC that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Informed by your customer feedback, this vision consists in three distinct pillars to align all feature enhancements and new capabilities:

Revit & IFC Enhancements and Certification

Autodesk has committed to enhancing IFC capabilities with greater development, which has resulted in new capabilities and enhanced exchange workflows. Some highlights of features delivered since Revit 2022 include:

Revit 2024

Revit 2023

Revit 2022

What’s next and how to engage our development team

Looking for what’s next in Autodesk AEC Technology? We’re committed to providing transparency for what is in our development pipeline.

Check out the new Autodesk AEC Public Roadmaps, now more interactive than ever, and give your feedback to the product team about new features and capabilities in development.

New features and capabilities directly related to IFC and Revit’s commitment to data access can be found on each industry board (Architecture, Structures, and MEP).

Additionally, engage with us using the Revit Forum, Revit Ideas, or Revit Preview Program, or visit the New Possible to see how your feedback drives Revit forward.

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