Top Five Community Ideas Implemented in Revit 2023

Kimberly Fuhrman Kimberly Fuhrman June 2, 2022

3 min read

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Ok, no, it is not the holiday season, but it sure does feel like it when the new version of Revit is released! Autodesk recently released Revit 2023 and there were quite a few Revit Ideas that have been implemented in this release. It was hard to choose the top five (in my humble opinion!), so based solely on the total number of votes on the Revit Ideas, here they are:

1. Measure in 3D

1120 votes | Submitted by user: damo3

This has been a long-standing request from our customers and has finally been implemented in Revit 2023! The ability to measure distances in 3D will save tons of time by eliminating the need to switch to a 2D view to measure a distance. The best part of this enhancement is that it was integrated into the existing Measure tool, so no need to look for a new ribbon button.

2. All system-ed elements maintain their connection after being demolished and PHASES & MEP. Be able to demolish elements while preserving their systems

341 total votes | Submitted by users casquatch and respectively

MEP users rejoice! Another long-standing request from our MEP customers has been granted! Connections for pipes, ducts and other elements stay connected to host systems when demolished. This has certainly been difficult with many work-arounds previously necessary. Elements retain their system connections allowing for easier phased modification.

3. Filter schedule by elements visible on same sheet

273 votes | Submitted by user colin.magner

The ability to show just the schedule items that are visible on a sheet is functionality that will help keep schedules clean and sheets organized. Keynotes have had this ability for a long time, so having this capability for schedules is a welcome addition!

4. Combined Ideas related to Additional Tagging Functionality

417 total combined votes

Tag Model Groups 263 votes; Submitted by user Alaa.Elkabbany

Tag Revit Links  38 votes; Submitted by user ssethi

Allow tagging ramps 28 votes; Submitted by user eric.stimmel

Wall Sweep tags 26 votes; Submitted by user philipc

Slab edge tags 20 votes: Submitted by user RPTHOMAS108

Soffit Tags 18 votes; Submitted by user DGuenter

Let me add a tag on entourage families 13 votes; Submitted by user

Tag sweeps, gutters etc 7 votes; Submitted by user Joris.vd.Meulen

Tagging and Scheduling Swept Profile based System Families 5 votes; Submitted by user BPayne

You can’t tag by Category on Architectural Columns 2 votes; Submitted by user sien.vanderhave

Whew! While this one may seem to be straightforward, there are no specific tags included in Revit 2023 for each of the above categories. The actual workflow is to create a new Generic Tag and change the category of the tag family to match the categories shown above. Still, this enhancement provides better functionality for tagging and scheduling a wider variety of elements.

5. Duplicate Material and Assets – Autodesk Community

220 votes | Submitted by user dan.stine

Many hours of rendering frustration have been remedied by the newest enhancement to the Material library. Previously when duplicating a material both the material and its assets were copied, and if changes were made to the new material assets, the old materials would also be affected. For those wanting this functionality, the workflow has been preserved in Duplicate Using Shared Assets (change one, change all). The new Duplicate Material and Assets creates copies of both, so modifying the new material and asset will not affect previous materials.

Honorable Mention: Project Browser Sprite/Icon for View Placed on Sheet – Autodesk Community 

172 votes; Submitted by user benstanfish

This popular request was a combination of several separate (but merged) Ideas. Customers requested some kind of visual cue that a view had been placed on a sheet. Simple but effective blue squares now indicate that a view exists on a sheet. The impact of this request made it worth mentioning!

What’s next?

Our teams are continuing their work to bring requested improvements to Revit. Check out the Revit Public Roadmap to see what the product teams are currently working on and vote for your favorites. Continue to add your Ideas, comments and votes for your favorite Ideas on the Revit Idea Station.

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