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Maximizing Data and Strategic Partnerships to Drive Prefabrication

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    It goes without saying that as an industry, we will use more data, not less, as time goes on. The word “data” gets thrown around a lot, but how do we narrow down the word data into only what is useful for generating real quality and efficiency gains in construction? What software exists to help us do this? Using strategic partnerships focused around solving specific problems, maximizing data goes from an overwhelming topic to a powerful conversation that drives quality and efficiency. This session will talk about the advantages of developing strategic partnerships centered around maximizing data with likeminded organizations within the construction industry. You'll see how custom software development within the Revit API can streamline data flow and solve age-old industry frustrations. And you’ll learn how data can be fed from the design phase into prefabrication. We'll review case studies where these tactics were employed and see the savings generated.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover situations where maximizing data can have significant benefits on project quality and efficiency
    • Learn about seeking out and collaborating with like-minded partners to drive change
    • Learn how to evaluate how design data can be utilized in the prefabrication process
    • Learn how to maximize the Revit API to streamline data flow between partners and design/prefabrication phases