The Golden Thread of Information around the Building Safety Bill | Duncan Yarroll

The Golden Thread of Information around the Building Safety Bill

New UK regulations are driving advances in digitized construction and sustainability


The UK’s Building Safety Bill was introduced to increase safety for residents in multi-story residential buildings. Among other provisions, it mandates that a 3D model be provided to health and safety regulators for these buildings of 18 meters or more in height. This is driving BIM adoption which is, in turn, enabling a data-driven approach not only to building design and construction, but to handover and operations for building owners—a “golden thread” of information that connects every part of the building lifecycle. Software like BIM 360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud will play a key role in creating and maintaining the information thread. Duncan Yarroll of Mace explores how the shift toward digitization in construction is improving health and safety while enabling companies to build more efficiently and sustainably.

About the speaker

Duncan Yarroll is the operations director and head of BIM & Digital Engineering at Mace, a global construction company. He is based in the UK.

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