Design and Bid Intelligently with AI

Design and Bid Intelligently with AI

Construction companies can streamline the time-intensive bidding process using new digital tools


The bidding process in construction is long, complex, and expensive, and even successful companies only win one contract for every ten bids they create on average. In other words, nine times out of ten, the time spent developing that bid is money down the drain. Mehdi Nourbakhsh, a senior research scientist at Autodesk, shares his experience working with leading Bay Area construction firm ConXtech to create a series of artificial intelligence (AI) agents that helped their team automate cost studies and the exploration of structural engineering options. By replacing manual processes, they were able streamline the bidding process from months to a few days, a change that could potentially save them millions of dollars every year.

About the speaker

Mehdi Nourbakhsh is a principal research scientist at Autodesk Research. Currently, he leads an AI studio in San Francisco, focusing on the future of AI and machine learning in AEC. He holds a PhD in Design Computing and a master’s degree in Computer Science. For several years, he worked as a structural engineer and a construction manager for various AEC projects.

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