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Is visualization quality holding back your architecture? Stories from top creative & visualization studios

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    Join the founders of leading visualization studios DBOX, Neoscape, RM Design Studio, and FloodSlicer in a conversation with Jeff Mottle the Founder of CG architect to discuss their most noteworthy projects. Learn how they helped elevate and transform their client's architectural visions to communicate compelling, innovative, and engaging stories.  Whether you’re an in-house visualization artist, a creative director in a dedicated visualization studio or a practicing architect who uses visualizations in design, this session will provide insight into how visualizations can shape the success of an architectural project and win more business.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to find and tell the story that best communicates the strengths of an architectural project
    • Discover how best to use visualizations and film in architecture
    • Learn how top studios have built successful business around architectural storytelling
    • Discover how compelling imagery can shape successful architecture