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The openBIM bootcamp: TOP 10 IFC tips for Revit users

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    Are you struggling with IFC workflows and found yourself overwhelmed by complex documentations and openBIM project requirements? This session will give you 10 most important things to consider when working with IFC, which will immediately boost the quality and productivity of your openBIM workflows. We will not be discussing theory of the IFC schema or the reasons for openBIM, but will have a look at practical use cases and discuss the more advanced IFC options available in Revit. You will learn to better understand how certain options influence the quality of your IFC data and when you should review certain settings. Among other topics, we will discuss important settings like coordinates, class and property mapping, and analyze the results of different configurations in an IFC viewer. You will leave this session feeling a lot more confident in openBIM workflows and equipped with advanced knowledge which you can immediately start using in your openBIM projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn which things to consider when working with IFC files in Revit
    • Understand how certain settings influence the quality and the behavior of IFC files
    • Learn how you can optimize your Revit templates and content for open BIM projects
    • Understand what to consider when receiving IFC files from third-parties and how to perform a quality check