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iLogic from Zero to 60 in 90

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    Have you heard great things about iLogic but never really learned about how or when to use it? This hands-on lab will cover key concepts and techniques, with minimal expectations of programming experience. You’ll leave with an understanding of how you can be more efficient with Inventor software by using iLogic to automate routine tasks. We will begin with the basics: What are rules and when do rules fire? Samples and exercises will illustrate the extents of what you can do with rules—in parts, assemblies, and drawings. We’ll work with iLogic forms, which let you make a user interface without programming. We’ll use rules in different circumstances and scenarios—for parameter validation, for updating iProperties on file open/save. Finally, you’ll get some exposure to more-advanced capabilities like external rules and using the Inventor API.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create an iLogic rule that validates the “range” of the value of a parameter
    • Learn how to create an iLogic rule that updates an iProperty whenever the file is saved
    • Learn how to create an iLogic “form” that makes it easy to change certain Inventor parameter or iProperty values
    • Discover the difference between internal and external iLogic rules