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A case study for Generative Design in Horizontal Infrastructure

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    Have you ever spent time iterating conceptual designs of a project to realize it is not the preferred layout or even worse, it is not the optimal design? Ambitious targets for high-quality, resilient, and sustainable infrastructure, require accelerated digital transformation. Join our case study for using Generative Design in the horizontal infrastructure space, specifically applying it to the layout and design of a Rail Maintenance Facility. By combining the use of Civil 3D for optimization and Dynamo for computational design, we will explore solutions to complex design problems; helping to make a more informed final design decision closer to the beginning of the project. By the end of the session, you will see that combined with setting parameters, design automation tools reduce repetitive manual work, and demonstrate operational efficiencies thus allowing more time to innovate and focus on design accuracy and quality while improving business growth and profitability.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover operational efficiencies by combining computational design and optimization
    • Learn about how Generative Design could benefit project teams
    • Learn how to establish a Generative Design process for your next project
    • Discover ways to accelerate your design schedule