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Dynamo Beginner Workshop

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    Have you put off learning Dynamo for a while? Do you think now is the time? And are you curious about Visual Programming, Computational Design and Automation? Did you want to learn from the Dynamo team about all of these things? Maybe you want to be able to create your own Dynamo graphs after this Hands-on Lab? Come join us for the Dynamo Beginner Workshop focused on taking you from knowing nothing in Dynamo up to a working knowledge so that you can create your own graphs. You will understand the basic building blocks and concepts of Dynamo, explore how to create your own graph and correctly execute it and learn how to troubleshoot problems that may occur along the way. Come explore the world of Dynamo with us and supercharge your workalike through Computational Design and Automation!

    Key Learnings

    • Understand what Visual Programming is and how it can benefit your work
    • Learn how Dynamo works with Geometry and Data
    • Walk away with a working knowledge of a simple Dynamo graph
    • Network with other members of the Dynamo community