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Civil 3D Smart Assembly: Using Parametric Design to Build One Assembly for All

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    In road design, there are lots of cases where road elements vary a lot. And the typical way of introducing different road elements in the section is to design an assembly for each section you need. Road designers will arrive to a list of road sections that burden them with managing each assembly. This consumes more time that should be used in designing. In this class, you'll learn how to use protocol decision-making subassembly that will help designers create a "smart assembly” that has an algorithm that inserts, removes, modifies, or merges road elements by means of parametric design. This will change our way of road modeling altogether. Creating a massive list of sections that are difficult to manage will be a thing of the past. Building a smart assembly will improve efficiency in modeling complex road sections. And it will ease designers from managing a massive list of assemblies and improve their workflows in road modeling, leading to a more sustainable and efficient workflow.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use protocol decision making in subassembly composer.
    • Learn about building a smart assembly that can reshape into your desired assemblies.
    • Learn how to create a link from one subassembly to another by means of parameter reference.
    • Learn how to model a road with only one region, despite its complexity.