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Unlock the Hidden Super Powers of Dynamo

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    Dynamo for a long time has been the go-to tool of Revit users to quickly script solutions to time-consuming routine problems. However, there is much more that Dynamo can do beyond scripting. There is a whole world to explore with packages and integrations which you may not be aware of. See what is possible with AI, geometry manipulation, coding, generative design in Autodesk software, and document updates, as well as accessing web APIs with Dynamo. If you think you know Dynamo, then you’ve only scratched the surface. Check out this class to see the true potential of Dynamo and visual scripting.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how Dynamo can use machine learning to perform path analysis and generative design.
    • Learn how to connect your Dynamo script to web APIs and access information for online databases.
    • Learn how to create specialized geometry formations with Topologic and other packages to expand modeling capability.
    • Learn how to document your scripts by exporting your files to GitHub for anyone to use online with special nodes.