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Deploying Dynamo to Your Company: Getting Everyone to Node and Code

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    For years Dynamo users have achieved productive gains in their project teams with visual scripting. But what if the whole team was using it? Now is the time to move this tool from the individual to the collective by enabling every user to use Dynamo systematically in the company. See how it’s possible to help organizations with hundreds of designers access shared Dynamo scripts and resources in a coordinated and effective way. This includes centralized script repository, templates for Dynamo scripts, how to vet content suitable for your company, version control of scripts, and managing third-party packages for everyone. By enabling everyone access to Dynamo and getting them to use it, the gains in productivity for your teams will be felt and digital transformation will get a boost. Learn how to make it happen with this class.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the necessary technical infrastructure to deploy Dynamo company-wide across offices and users.
    • Learn how to create consistent Dynamo scripts for the company and keep them updated as the software and user needs change.
    • Discover what you need to get your company for Dynamo training and understand the standards for script editing.
    • Discover the methods of deploying Dynamo scripts and third-party packages, and learn about the best option for your organization.