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Work smarter: See how BIMrx & Naviate streamline AEC firms' Revit workflows

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    Developed by AEC professionals for AEC professionals, BIMrx and Naviate are exactly what your team needs to add to the functionality of Revit to accelerate project setup, data management, and documentation. These solutions are built to streamline and enhance the entire BIM project lifecycle. Join us as our technical experts show you workflows to set up projects with ease, manage data more efficiently, model faster, and accelerate documenting views. These products are available for multiple design disciplines to automate those tedious tasks that users spend countless hours on. See how to set up projects faster, improve and simplify workflows, and increase ROI by spending less time on low level tasks and more time focused on solving the challenges of urbanization, globalization, and sustainability.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the benefits of utilizing BIMrx and Naviate to streamline you Revit project workflows
    • Streamline processes and accelerate design workflows
    • Explore data and project management
    • Automate Revit project documentation creation and project deliverables