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Automating the New Government Quarter in Norway

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    The New Government Quarter is an ambitious project with 7 buildings of more than 125.000 sqm highly attractive office space. But how to keep dozens of Revit models consistent across different teams, starting with the same templates, but not ending up with developing different model “dialects” over time? How can we avoid spending massive man-hours, and still keep data quality and data management easy to maintain? To solve these issues, the design team is developing a set of automation processes for Revit. These are built as scalable addins that anyone can use and configure, and they are implemented using structured support, training and documentation strategies. The heaviest processes are being run at night using a large set of external resources managed by the owner and configured by the BIM team. The result is a staggering reduction in non-value adding time being spent by the design team, resulting in much greater return of investment in the form of design quality.

    Key Learnings

    • Strategies for automated data flow between Revit models, IFC deliverables and different stakeholders in large projects
    • How to set up centralized template models that contains and synchronizes all model settings, types and families
    • Methods for setting up and executing automation infrastructure that helps design and construction teams
    • How to implement project purpose custom-built design tools under pressure of constant project deadlines