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Women Leadership in BIM Standardization and Implementation

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    Khatib & Alami (K&A)'s standardization and implementation of building information modeling (BIM) has promoted staff based on merit and effectiveness, and the firm is proud to be an equal opportunities employer. The success of women colleagues is highly visible across the company’s digital services activities. Of the three streams designed in the BIM road map, two created within the BIM unit (BIM for building and BIM for infrastructure) are led by women. In the BIM development stream women are dominant, in term of effectiveness. Amira ElSaeed—our “40 Under 40” awarded star—is one of the computational design heroes, while Vijaya Venkata is leading the BIM implementation in the Bangalore office. Furthermore, the BIM coordinator community has a strong mix of genders.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how gender heterogeneity can boost effectiveness.
    • Learn why gender equality is essential in the workplace.
    • Learn about how judging staff based on their effectives is paramount.
    • Learn how leadership is gender agnostic.