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Wind Simulation in Robot Structural Analysis Professional

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    This class will review the new wind simulation technology available in Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2015 software. We will review the current landscape of code-based wind design (specifically ASCE 7) and we'll discuss the challenges of applying these methods to different structure types. We'll then examine Robot Structural Analysis Professional software's unique computational fluid dynamic (CFD) wind simulation tools, and we'll discuss how they compare to the code-based approaches. Using sample wind simulation models, we will review the wind simulation analysis parameters and the analysis process, and we'll discuss the simulation results. Finally, we'll review the benefits of wind simulation, we'll discuss the ways it can be used to supplement and/or validate code-based approaches, and we'll cover the benefits of wind simulation on workflows and projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Recognize the applicability and limitations of code-based wind design approaches
    • Understand the wind simulation capabilities in Robot Structural Analysis software
    • Learn how to perform a wind simulation on a structure in Robot Structural Analysis software
    • Discover the potential applications and benefits of wind simulation in project workflows