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Why and How to Build Autodesk Forge Data Exchange Connectors?

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    In today's hyperconnected world, convenience is the ultimate currency. Autodesk Forge Data Exchange API's genesis is the goal of creating connected platforms with the convenience to end-data consumers. It helps break the barriers of data siloes developed within the organization. Autodesk Forge Data Exchange provides instantaneous access to data for anyone, anywhere, in any app. Autodesk Forge Data Exchange liberates data from proprietary data formats, allowing seamless integration of cross-platform apps that can be desktop apps, web apps, mobiles apps, and apps from different domains and even those used from diverse geographical locations. This class will demonstrate how to use Autodesk Forge to create various types of Autodesk Forge Data Exchange Connectors. We’ll walk through the process of identifying the need and opportunity for building a connection between different apps. We’ll show the steps of creating an Autodesk Forge Data Exchange Connector within a desktop or a web app with sample codes. You’ll learn best practices to build connectors from a security, performance, and future needs perspective.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about why businesses need Autodesk Forge Connector for improving business productivity.
    • Learn how to build an Autodesk Forge Connector using Autodesk Forge Data Exchange.
    • Learn how to make the data exchange secured.
    • Learn about conceptualized connected workflows in a cross-platform environment.