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Why There are So Few Women in Leadership and What You Can Do to Change This
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Everybody seems to be talking about the gender gap at work, but nobody seems to know what to do about it. Gender diversity is a complex issue and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Most corporate diversity strategies to date have focused on supporting women through programs like mentorship and women’s leadership conferences. This approach sounds good in theory, but it places the responsibility solely on women. The truth is that women are not holding themselves back from leadership; the latest research confirms that workplace culture is preventing women from achieving equality. Things will never change unless all genders take part in finding a solution. In this interactive session, we’ll talk about how all genders can get involved, and how to use the concept of sponsorship (not mentorship) to accelerate women into leadership positions.

Key Learnings

  • Discover why all genders need to become diversity champions
  • Learn how to differentiate between mentorship and sponsorship
  • Learn how to identify potential sponsors for yourself in your organization
  • Learn how to identify people you can sponsor and advocate for in your organization



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