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What Is Vault, and Why Do I Need It?
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The overwhelming amount of data associated with modern design projects can be staggering. Add to that the difficulty of finding the correct version of a file, navigating through complex directory structures, and ensuring that you're working with the most current version of your design, and your senior professionals may be spending as much as 25% of their day handling data management tasks. This session shows you how Vault Professional software can not only eliminate that overhead but also actively improve your workflow processes to reduce project completion times and dramatically increase your profitability.

Key Learnings

  • Discover costs and scheduling impact as related to ineffective data management
  • Discover how use of metadata, fast search, lifecycles, and single-source file structures reduce costs
  • Discover the benefits of a single organized structure for all design, contract, specifications, emails, and documents
  • Discover the benefits of working with Engineering Change Orders (ECO) and Items in Vault Professional


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