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We4bee: Earthquake Research with Bees

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    We4bee pursues the goal of establishing a worldwide network of high-tech beehives. This is not only to promote environmental research and education, but also to establish an early warning system for earthquakes and other natural disasters. This project collaborates with the University of Würzburg, Germany. In this class Dr. Claudia Leikam (CEO of we4bee), Professor Hotho and Padraig Davidson from the Chair of Computer Science X (big data and machine learning), Professor Jürgen Tautz (THE bee expert), and the engineer Hans Neumayr will give us an overview about this research project. Hans Neumayr used Fusion 360 software and EAGLE software to create the electronics equipment and some mechanical parts of the beehives. Professor Hotho and Mr. Davidson will provide information on data collection and analysis. Professor Tautz is the well-known bee expert, and Dr. Leikam will give you a view of the scientific aspects of this amazing project.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about data collection from the beehives.
    • Learn about the electronics equipment used.
    • Get interesting insight into the beehive’s environment and its reaction to external changes.
    • Increase your awareness and understanding of the processes in nature from which we can learn.