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We do IT services for 2500+ AED users across 15 firms. Ask Us Anything.

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    We work for Flying Buttress, an IT services firm solely focused on the AED (Architecture/Engineering/Design) space. Our clients range from 50 to 600 seats. We've been doing this for twelve years now and are happy to share our knowledge on: Deployments, Licensing, Budgeting, Specs, Best Practices, Cloud, VDI, Hybrid Work, Virtualization, Etc. There will be no sales pitch, no spin or bias. This is focused on IT Operations support, not Design Tech.

    Key Learnings

    • Compare their firm practices to others
    • Take back some best practice suggestions to their firm
    • Yell at their internal IT/Consultants about {insert here}
    • Shoot laser beams out their eyes