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Waking the Giant: Implementing New Technology in a Century-Old Design Firm

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    The past year has challenged design firms in ways previously unfathomable. The shift between the traditional work environment to work from home while reimagining the workspace to accommodate the new view of personal space has forced us to rethink how we work. At Gannett Fleming, we have had a century to refine our business methods, but in less than a few months we had step back and address the impact of the pandemic on our business. This panel discussion will include leaders from our firm and their perspectives on building a culture receptive to new technology while maintaining high quality through new training techniques. We’ll review how we’ve updated our roles and responsibilities for traditional design tasks. The session will wrap up with ideas about addressing our deliverable changes with our clients, and moving forward with new tools and workflows. Join us for an open conversation to learn how you can benefit from what we're doing for our next century of business.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to build a business culture that’s receptive to changes in technology and workflows
    • Learn how to update your training deliverables and methods in today's remote environment
    • Learn how to modify and improve the traditional design roles and responsibilities in the workplace
    • Learn how to address the changes in deliverables to clients for mutual benefit