Industry Talk    AS322801
(Visual Storytelling of) BIM Innovation at Foster + Partners
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This class will explain in an engaging and visual way the BIM (Building Information Modeling) adoption journey undertaken by Foster + Partners. We aim to help attendees reflect on their own adoption journeys as they plan and envision what’s to come. We will tell the story of change agents within Foster + Partners, sharing methods to help empower all attendees to be more effective change agents themselves. The speakers will analyze the human and systems challenges that arise when a company embraces new technologies within the real-world context of large, complex, high-stakes BIM projects that involve many teams that previously worked independently. Attendees will learn how to unpack and analyze environments, processes, and systems that either promote or inhibit innovation and technology adoption in their own workplaces. They will also discover different ways to think about their own paths toward innovation, and uncover alternate approaches to organizing their thoughts through sketching and increasing their creativity.

Key Learnings

  • Identify the best path your firm can take to successfully adopt new technologies by deconstructing and solving the challenges
  • Learn about leading change by reaching clarity on important complex ideas, making better informed decisions, and imagining new possibilities
  • Find the "secret recipe" to succeed while innovating within your firm by learning and applying visual/systems thinking
  • Learn how to create system maps for people, teams, processes, and technology, improving the communication of complex ideas and processes




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