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Virtual Design for Real Cars

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    Come and see how the new virtual technologies influence the Porsche design process. We'll cover the choice of using virtual decision making instead of physical prototypes; the challenges and Autodesk solutions to simulate and visualize new user experiences in new-car projects; common technology process approaches-from CAD (Alias software) to visual simulation to Class A; and the use of new visual simulation approaches to take real decisions day by day (measured materials, light design, car user experience, driving performance, press usage, exhibition, and marketing support). We'll also cover using OGL and GI Raytracing in the process with a single virtual data model; and using new immersive tools to improve and speed up the design process (like head-mounted displays, virtual reality, augmented reality, and virtual sketching and modeling).

    Key Learnings

    • Get an understanding of the Porsche design process
    • See how technology is affecting the speed of design decision making
    • Discover common tools used by Porsche as part of the design process
    • Learn about new immersive-based tools to improve the design process