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Using Simulation 360 CFD: Patient Comfort and Energy Performance in Healthcare Design

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    The NBBJ healthcare practice is currently using Simulation CFD 360 software to study patient comfort in healthcare design. This class will show examples of the work, and we will examine analysis of the results of this work. We will examine in-depth studies of natural ventilation, infection control, and patient comfort, and we will discuss methods and results. We will also look at additional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies to investigate the use of Simulation CFD 360 software in the study of energy-saving concepts as they relate to healthcare design and the design of other Sustainable Design Solutions.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about Simulation 360 CFD software
    • Learn about new energy concepts being studied in healthcare design
    • Learn about new patient comfort concepts being studied in healthcare design
    • Investigate the possible uses of Simulation 360 CFD software to enable design research