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Using Maya for Low-Budget 3D Animation in Emerging Markets: A Case Study

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    This class is a case-study presentation about the use of Maya software to produce a 3D-animated TV pilot for the Brazilian market with almost no money. Although Maya is usually thought of as the software of choice of big Hollywood studios, it can also be very effective in a low-budget context. The TV pilot used as a case study, "Dragao de Aco” (Steel Dragon), was produced with a grant from the Brazilian government in 2017–2018. It is a 22-minute, 3D-animated TV pilot with anime-inspired visuals.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to plan an animation production in a cheap, efficient way but with good production values
    • Learn how to use Maya software’s fantastic character-animation tools to save time and money
    • Learn how to mix and match different 3D software, using Maya as a hub for all of them
    • Learn how to save time in modeling and animation, only creating what is unique for the show