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Uses for Vault Within Electric Utilities

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    Flexible and easily configured, Vault software can be used in many ways within an electric utility. This lecture reviews the existing Vault software uses at utility customer sites. We will also discuss the potential uses for Vault software to manage utility standards, substation design projects, and transmission and distribution design projects. In particular, this session will explore how we can use the various configuration capabilities—such as categories, user-defined properties, and lifecycle states—to tailor Vault software to meet specific utility requirements. There will be time for questions and answers regarding ideas and options for Vault software uses in participant utilities, and we will discuss integration with existing Software Solutions.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover various uses for Vault software within a utility
    • Discover the primary ways that Vault software can be configured to meet a utility's needs
    • Learn how to develop a list of configuration options for a given utility's priorities
    • Discover how Vault software can interface with other utility-oriented Autodesk products